Things I Can’t Forget #04

The Making of Peculiar

Slackers saxophonist, David Hillyard, sits down with Slackers fans, Matt Wixson and JJ Loy, to comb through rare songs and alternate takes from the band’s thirty-year career. Hillyard and a rotating cast of Slackers bandmates swap memories unearthed by these long-forgotten tunes, giving fans a rarity of their own: an up-close and intimate conversation with the New York City ska and reggae legends.

For episode four of the series, Dave, Matt, and JJ are joined by Slackers drummer Ara Babajian and later by singer Vic Ruggiero, as well, to discuss the making of the band’s 2006 album Peculiar. The album boasted a new lineup, a novel recording process, and an evolved sound for the band.