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040 – Skapara Primer

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (TSPO) has been making records since 1990, but their music has been hard to come by in the US for much of their career. However, after their Supernova debute, and the availability of their entire back catalog for streaming, TSPO is… Read More »040 – Skapara Primer

039 – 2023 Year In Ska

It’s been a fantastic year for ska music and we have been making lists. JJ and Matt welcome the curator of the BIG 2023 Ska Releases Spotify playlist, Cody Freedom and author/blogger of Ska, Punk and other Junk, Dane Jackson to the show. We each… Read More »039 – 2023 Year In Ska

038 – The Christmas Ska Canon

It’s Christmas time again! Yes, again. Some folks were disappointed that nothing was added to the Ska Canon in the last episode. We’re fixing that with a self-proclaimed Christmas Ska expert, Sean McCabe from Rocky Sullivan, Psy D and Bomb The Music Industry!

037 – Bluebeat Christmas

JJ and Matt are in a Christmas mood, so we’ve brought on Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites) and Eitan Avineri from Western Standard Time to talk about their new record, Bluebeat Holiday. It’s a classy mix of Big Band, Ska and Christmas favorites. And in Ska… Read More »037 – Bluebeat Christmas

036 – Bebop and Rocksteady

Guests, James McDonald, I-Peace Unikue and their band Eastern Standard Time are playing Supernova Ska Festival 2023!  More than that, they’ll also be backing up Sister Nancy and Dr. Ring-Ding! Eastern Standard Time joins JJ and Matt to tell us what it’s like infusing traditional… Read More »036 – Bebop and Rocksteady

035 – On Bartok’s Path

JJ and Matt are joined by Victor Rice and Kristoph Toth to discuss their new project, Heritage: On Bartok’s Path, which combines ska with traditional Hungarian folk songs. A true ska visionary, Rice conceived of the new genre-mixing album years ago, and enlisted Toth’s band,… Read More »035 – On Bartok’s Path

034 – Ska Jamaica’s Way

The Prizefighters are a Minneapolis band who really studies Jamaican music. This has led them to be picked to back living Jamaican legends including Stranger Cole, Patsy Todd, Roy Panton, Yvonne Harrison, Charlie Organaire, and “King of Ska” Derrick Morgan. Aaron, Tony, and Courtney from… Read More »034 – Ska Jamaica’s Way

Film Club 04 – Dance Craze

It’s the 1981 documentary that captured the energy and excitement of the ska scene during the height of the 2 Tone movement in Britain. Featuring electrifying live performances by bands like The Specials, Madness, and The Selecter, it remains a cult classic, one that played… Read More »Film Club 04 – Dance Craze