029 – Full Speed Ahead

Way back in Hornpod episode 001 JJ and Matt told you how they defined ska. In this latest episode, they’re putting it to the test!

First we sit down with Dan Lord and Adam Guthrie of the band Salvo. We talk about the 1990’s when the “horn punk” band was called Pain. We talk about the long hiatus and triumphant return, including their new album The Traveler, out August 26th via Asbestos Records. What do the guys think of Skatune Network’s cover of the Pain song “Jabberjaw”? Why is it important that their fans know they don’t play ska?

And then, at long last, we submit releases by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution and Streetlight Manifesto to the Hornpod Ska Canon. Was Tomas Kalnoky talking about doing the BOTAR project before he even left Catch-22? How old are some of these songs, actually? Why don’t we talk about Streetlight Manifesto as an ethnic folk-punk band? And which of Tohkay’s 21st century albums are Canon-worthy? All this and more in the least ska edition of Hornpod: a Ska Podcast yet!