Latest Episodes

028 – Chawalaleng Special

Coolie Ranx returns, and he’s brought former Oingo Boingo bassist, Joh Avila! John brings stories about producing Boingo, Reel Big Fish and of course, The Pilfers Chawalaleng.

027 – A Coolie Ranx Visit

JJ and Matt are joined by genuine ska celebrity, Coolie Ranx (The Toasters, The Pilfers) to talk about dancehall attitude, improvising live and committing to ska long-term.

Things I Can’t Forget #08 – Sunlight Songwriters Addendum

JJ and Matt are joined again by all six members of the Slackers for more conversation about the band’s new album, Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya. This time the focus is on the songwriting and the stories behind some of the album’s songs.

026 – A Long Island Takeover

It’s a takeover! Jimmy Doyle and Sean McCabe straight up infiltrate Hornpod HQ and do their own episode- all about the Long Island ska scene. They are joined by JT Turret of ASOB and Brian Diaz of Ednas Goldfish.

025 – Hell of a Hat

JJ and Matt sit down with the author of the new book, Hell of a Hat The Rise of 90s Ska and Swing. And don’t you know it, we have opinions on 90s Ska and Swing.

The Still Stubborn Special with King Django

King Django, founder of Stubborn Records has been working with our own, Matt Wixson on a very special compilation the past year, and they are joining us to reveal the details of this monumental undertaking.

024 – 2021 In Ska

JJ and Matt reflect on a year in ska- the trends, the music, the memories. Join us as we compare Top Ten lists and throw a few more ska-mpilations into the canon.