Latest Episodes

015 – Songbirds

JJ and Matt are joined by author Heather Augustyn to discuss often overlooked women in ska and reggae history. Then they consider some notable records for the canon.

014 – My Very Own Flag

JJ and Matt are joined by Vinnie Fiorello (The Inevitables, ex-Less Than Jake) to discuss how ska is received outside of the ska scene, and also talk about his new ska supergroup and book.

013 – Soundbwoy

JJ and Matt trace the origins of modern EDM back to 1960’s Jamaica and then see how it has fed back into ska over the years. Then they consider some albums for the Ska Canon.

012 – Open Season

JJ and Matt chat about supergroups and all-star combinations in ska music, and consider some albums that fit the theme for inclusion in the Ska Canon.

011 – Rudeboy Style

JJ and Matt look at toasting, chatting, and dancehall in the ska scene. Then, keeping to the theme of the episode, consider some albums for the Ska Canon.

010 – Ska’d For Life

JJ and Matt take a closer look at ska puns and portmanteaus, and tell you which are the good, which are the bad, and which are just plain ugly. They then consider a few examples of wordplay band names for the Ska Canon.

Hornpod Offbeat 001

Hornpod Offbeat is a new occasional series where JJ and Matt stop talking about ska and start talking about other things they like. Consider it bonus content. In this mini episode the boys have a conversation about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, recorded before… Read More »Hornpod Offbeat 001

009 – Take Her To Jamaica

JJ and Matt consult a real expert to discuss mento, the Jamaican music that preceded ska, and discover that maybe it’s wrong to link one to the other. They then consider which essential mento collections necessitate inclusion in the Ska Canon.